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At TruckAlterations.com we believe in our customers receiving the best quality products, the best service and of course the best price. We do fully guarantee the lowest DELIVERED price on everything we sell.

Some manufacturers have pricing policies that don’t allow us to show you what we can really sell a product for. You have to contact us for the lower price.

Some retailers claim to give you $100 or more if they don’t have the best price. How often do you think they give away $100? We won’t offer gimmicks, just the lowest price!

We believe you will rarely, if ever find a delivered price lower than ours. We check our competition's pricing as often as we can to ensure we are the lowest. We believe this is a key point. Wouldn't you rather buy from someone who offers you the lowest price first? Why buy from the company who tells you to do the legwork to find the better prices and then maybe they will meet that price? They ask you to spend hours surfing the net and hope you won't and just buy from them. At TruckAlterations we do the work and keep our price under our competition.

No matter how hard we try sometimes competition places items on a "sale" that will for a few days make their price lower than ours. Or they might honestly be beating us by a small margin. We see some competition who seem to change their pricing on certain items almost daily. In this case we would be happy to try to meet their price for you. We also keep things simple. Some sites offer a price guarantee and then add so many terms its almost impossible to qualify.

When asking us to match a lower price, please keep the following in mind:

  • Verification. We need to be able to verify the lower price. Please have the web address where we can see the lower delivered price for ourselves. We may match a verbal offer at our discretion.
  • Delivered Price. We often find that companies with very low prices will add shipping or the ever popular "handling charge" to your order. We only meet delivered prices so please verify this before requesting a price match.
  • Part Matching. We only match prices on identical parts. This means the manufacturer part numbers must be the same.
  • Exclusions. Some items are excluded from price matching.
  • Immediate Ordering. Please be prepared to place an order for the item you are requesting a match for.