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We get asked this question a lot.  People seem to lack trust in internet sales companies, and with good reason too!

Most sites you will find boast large warehouses and huge showrooms as the reasons to buy from them. We are just the opposite. We do have a warehouse and we do have a retail store. But honestly we aren’t a large company. In fact we are primarily a family owned and operated business.

We realize this may make us seem small and “rinky dink” to some customers. However, we don’t think being small is all bad. Many of our customers love us most because we are small and still offer customer service that is best known from small companies. We deal with customers one on one and spend as much time as necessary to make sure you have the info you need to make an informed decision.

If you search around internet message boards you will find that most large companies have threads dedicated to their lack of customer service.

So, if you like to do business with people who are willing to go the extra mile to make you happy, answer all of your questions and maybe remember who you are next time you call then give us a try. We think you will find that we work harder than anyone to earn your business.

Thanks for visiting our site and considering us for your needs!

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